Ace Hooligan's Fairing Systems for Triumph Bonneville
Ace Hooligan's Fairing Systems for new Triumph Bonnevilles are based on
classic Avon designs of the sixties.  The systems are all inclusive with
windscreen, (and nosecone on Meriden), stainless steel fasteners, rubber
edging, grill, heatshields and valences (as appropriate), ignition switch
relocation mounts (as appropriate), brackets and instructions designed to
make installation as easy as possible.  Windscreen and nosecone mounting
holes are pre-drilled.  Some fairing mounting holes are not drilled to
compensate for small differences in mounting from one bike to the next.

If you have thought about a fairing for your Bonneville, but were daunted by
having to source windscreens one place, fairing body somewhere else,
finding the right hardware, and making bracketry on your own, these
systems are the answer.

Constructed of hand laid carbon fiber epoxy composite, fairings are offered
in several styles and finishes.  Styles include: 1/2 size, 3/4 size and full size
(all mount to the frame , do not turn with the bars and require removal of
stock headlight mounts and relocation of the ignition switch).  Custom
painting is also available, please enquire.   On 1/2, 3/4 and full fairings,
lower sides are interchangeable; you may go from 1/2 to 3/4 or full and vice
versa at a later date, please enquire for details.    Fairings are made to
order, so please allow 4 weeks for delivery.  Shipping costs are calculated
and quoted separately.  Please ask for a quote before ordering.
Fairing system in exposed carbon harness weave.  High gloss polyurethane
enamel finish.  May be custom painted to add detail with compatible paint

Meriden                                                    Coventry    

Full:       $1,
649.95                                  Full:        $1,649.95
3/4:        $1,
628.95                                 3/4:         $1,628.95

1/2:        $1,
549.95                                 1/2:         $1,449.95


Fairing system in carbon, primed and filled, ready for color paint (not for
clear coat).

Meriden                                                     Coventry

Full:        $ 964.95                                     Full:        $864.95

3/4:        $ 904.95                                      3/4:        $804.95

1/2:        $ 815.95                                      1/2:        $715.95

Meriden Fairing shown in full style, custom painted open weave carbon.
Coventry Fairing shown in 3/4 style, black primer
Coventry 1/2 Fairing in Primed Carbon
Additional Information

As stated above, these are complete kits, and include approximately 150 to
300 parts depending on the style and size.  We can supply custom brackets
to fit other makes and models as well.  Please inquire.  
Shown left: Full, 3/4, 1/2 sides, front, nosecone
and windscreen for Meriden.  Shown above:
typical bracket kit for full fairing.  Not shown, but
included, heat shields, grille, valences.  Flush
mount signals are included.  Options are clear
with amber bulb, amber, or carbon look with
amber bulb.  
Shown above 1/2 (front) and 3/4 (rear) Coventry
fairings on Thruxtons.  Shown left 1/2 Coventry on
Moto Guzzi from front, showing one possible
placement of flush mount signals.